Wednesday, 28 December 2016

First Steps To Take When Your Garage Door Sensor Acts Up

Are you having your garage door sensor failure? are you dealing with this problem and probably looking for the reason of this failure? if yes then you are on a right post. As suggested by San Antonio Garage Door Service In this post i will have a short explanation about this topic.

There are many factors that can cause this problem but the most probable reason is poor connectivity or mis connection. So the next thing is how you can fix this. First you should inspect your garage door sensors yourself.

You should also check that there is no dust , leaves or mis object in the garage door sensor. If so you should clean your door sensors.

Loosen the nuts in the sensors that hold it together, then adjust the position of the sensors by facing them in a different direction by hand until an LED indicator turns on which shows that the circuit is now complete. Tighten the nuts back in when you're done with the above step and try to close the garage door. When the garage door fails to respond or close all the way up you may now proceed to the other step.

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